Las Vegas

lv-luxorLas Vegas, Nevada has been called many things. It is an adult wonderland, a gambling mecca, the entertainment capital of the world, and so much more!

Best of all, there is plenty of competition in Las Vegas, so you can go on almost any travel budget. Mid-week, some rooms can be found for as little as US$20.00 per night! On weekends, one can pay thousands for a room in the most posh establishments.

For the non-gambler, there are so many activities, that there is always something to do. One of the most terrific of these is casino-hopping – going from casino to casino just to see how amazing each one is.

Las Vegas is also constantly changing. If you haven’t been in 10 years, you might barely recognize the place.

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  1. Andyon 14 Aug 2010 at 7:16 am

    My wife and I have been to Vegas quite a few times now, and when you tell other people that all you did was go from hotel to hotel to look at them, they think you’re nuts! It is the best thing about Las Vegas though, with every hotel having something impressive to see. Best of all has to the be Bellagio Fountains, with the mini Eiffel Tower and the canals of the Venetian a close second! We loved Vegas so much that we’ve written a free guide on what to see in the city….

  2. rino cirilloon 05 Aug 2011 at 1:30 pm

    your right vegas has a lot to offer without gambling however went to vegas and wife spends all day by the pool ,takes lots of pictures and at night instead of enjoying what vegas is all about goes to bed by 12:00 midnight and downloads picture on her laptop
    never got to see the bellagio show,didn’t want to up the eiffel tower,refused to do the canal ride at the venetian
    what should i do next time?

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